Each Hemingway homeowner is a member of the Hemingway Cluster Association. The Association is managed by a five-member volunteer board of directors. For contact information use the e-mail address below.

Board of Directors and Officers

Lisa Lopez                      – Director and President
Maria Zlotnick                – Director and Vice-President
Phyllis Miller Palombi    – Director and Vice-President
Kellen Leister                 – Director and Secretary
Richard Eckhardt          – Director and Treasurer

The directors and officers listed above may be reached by Hemingway Cluster’s dedicated email address used to monitor and track all community questions, comments, and concerns.

Homeowners’ Dues

We have 3 approved payment options for cluster dues.

Dues for 2024 (with payment options)
Annually: = $1,450, due Jan. 1st,
Semi-annually: =$745, due Jan 1, Jul 1.
Quarterly: = $382.50, due Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, Oct 1.

Checks for dues should be mailed to:

Hemingway Cluster Association
Post Office Box 2545
Reston, Virginia 20195-0545

There is a $50 late fee on all dues received after the 10th of the month in which they are due.  There is a $50 fee assessed for returned checks.

Board of Director Meetings

The Hemingway Cluster Association holds monthly Board of Director meetings (with the exception of November when the annual meeting of homeowners is held). All residents are welcome. If you would like to attend a board meeting, please email and the board will respond with the date, location, and agenda of the next board meeting.

Minutes of the Board of Director meetings are available to all homeowners.  If you would like to see them, please email and they will be provided.

HOA Sales Disclosure Documents

A current Sales Disclosure Packet is required by law to be given to the new owner of your home prior to the sale. To obtain a disclosure packet, send an email to  You will receive a prompt response letting you know about the procedure and timing.  The price of the packet is $85.  Please allow at least ten business days for creation of the documents after the check is submitted.

Complaints subject to the Virginia CICB Regulations

The Virginia Common Interest Community Ombudsman Regulations require that all associations in Virginia must establish a written complaint process by which residents can challenge “adverse actions” made against them by the association. The types of complaints that fall under these regulations are those that concern any action, non-action, or decision by the Board that is inconsistent with common interest community laws and regulations. It is important to note that this procedure does not address complaints by residents related to internal subjects such as architectural design, parking, speeding, landscaping, maintenance, or trash. The Hemingway Cluster Association Board has established a process that complies with the CICB regulations. To access the procedure, form, instructions, and additional information, click here.